Monday, December 13, 2010

"My Stars!"

Just if you're wondering, the title of my post comes from a Looney Tunes episode in which bugs bunny is impersonating a manicurist in order to get out of being ripped apart by the monster he's giving a manicure to. :] Anyways, aside from cartoons, I'm trying to evoke one's love of the inner child with my last project for my photography final. I decided to photograph origami stars that I used to make for countless hours as a kid (good activity for long trips)
I had actually done what could be called a "test shoot" two weeks before, which went horribly wrong. I began to have a migraine 15 minutes before I entered the studio (good timing, huh?) I tried to do what I could, but every time I would tilt my head to look through the view finder, I could feel my head violently spin, as though I was losing my balance. To make the story short; nothing was accomplished...
Today, I decided to try again. I started where I left off and realized that my vision just didn't translate well on paper. After a lot of adjusting, trying and more adjusting, I finally found my image!

Advertising Photography Final

It's finals week. A slightly more legitimate reason to be neglecting this poor blog of mine. I do at least have some photos to share with everyone! I have some portrait photos that I took of a friend of mine. She is gorgeous and was so sweet to be willing to sit for me. We tried a series of 4 different outfits. My favorites are the ones that you see here. I went for a free spirited, fresh look and the other image is more of an ethnic worldly look.