Friday, February 25, 2011

With love from India

I've already started my spring 2011 in January but only now are you able to see what I've been doing so far.. Our professor decided that he'd just plop a bunch of objects on a table and we would have to choose one of these objects. With that done, he told us to sell the items back to him in a photograph. My object; scissors from India. Literally. At first I thought, I'd evoke one of those really sharp and simple images of the scissors beautifully lit with the appearance that they are falling and one of the blades is just about to touch the surface of the table. What did my professor think? BORING. So, I immediately brainstormed. I started thinking of those hot Indian summers, seamstresses skillfully handling beautiful fabrics with their rough utilitarian hands. This is what I got:

Now that I look at this picture. It looks so simple and almost unposed. Still, I wish that there had been more magic to the image. To me the most exiting elements of this image are the gorgeous model's hands and the way the orange fabric reflected into the engraved words on the blade...