Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Long time not write. I've really been neglecting this blog!! I'm often so unsure of what I want to write and simply have been a bit busy. Some good news though! I'll begin working at CSUN's photography lab next week!! It'll be a great way of spending even MORE time at the lab :P Not to worry, I don't mind. It'll be at evenings so, I lied; maybe I do mind.. Still, it feels nice to have a job again. Plus, it's connected to photography, which makes me happy.

Anyways, just last Saturday I celebrated Sukkot at my house. Mom and dad invited their friends and I invited a few of mine :] During Yom Kippur, we normally designate the day not just for fasting but for making decorations for the sukkah. This year, I decided that paper ring chains weren't sufficient. No longer was I 7 years old and capable of only gluing strips of paper together. While looking through the etsy website, I was awe struck by these adorable heart chains made from the pages of a french poetry book. It was just so adorable that instead of paying 20-something dollars for the creation, I resolved to diy! I then ended up commissioning my mom to make them ^^;

She didn't have a hard time making them though. We simply snipped through the pages of old catalogs and and made these butterfly/flower shapes. She then sewed down the middle of the layered patterns.

Here's the result <3

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