Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Conceptual Elegance

For the most recent photo project, my advertising photography teacher decided to let us loose and explore whatever we wanted. This was my chance! I'd had an idea up my sleeve for so long and ow I could unveil it. What was my idea? Jewelry.. When I write it or say it, it seems so unexiting :( Still, I guess I was exited since I had thought of a new way of presenting jewelry.. or at least something that I'd not seen in a magazine.
When thinking of an idea, i don't think so much about what will look pretty, but instead a new way of thinking about how something is presented. In a lot of advertisements for jewelry, you see the jewelry almost competing with this gorgeous model. She is smoldering, sexy and makes the jewelry seem like it's something that she just slaps on any day.. The point of my project though is to sell the product. I thought about almost making the model irrelevant. Sure, you want to show the jewelry draped on someone beautiful. Still, I think an ad is successful when you can't take your eyes off the product instead of the person wearing the product. That's where the tulle came in. It almost acts as a blurring affect so that the clarity of the necklace is exaggerated. I thought this would be a cool way to play with layering and presence :] Enjoy!

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